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Sunburn vs. Suntan

shutterstock_156996335If you believe that it is good to have that bright red lobster color on your skin after you have been lying out on the beach all day you are DEAD WRONG! While most think sunburn is the same as having a suntan, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Sunburn is completely different from a tan. When you are sunburned, the red color you get is really increased blood flow sent to the skin to help your body repair the damage done from overexposure.

Tanning is the smart way of enhancing your color without damaging your skin cells. Smart tanning actually enhances protection against sunburn. Melanin, known as the primary determinant of skin color, is what protects the skin cells from getting too much UV exposure. As your skin tans, the outer layer thickens and becomes naturally more resistant to sunburn.

So you’ll just wear a ton of sunscreen on the beach and not worry about tanning the right way, right? WRONG AGAIN! Most tanners don’t know that a suntan multiplies the effectiveness of sunscreen and helps in outdoor sunburn prevention.

So think before you tan. You can look like a bright red lobster in pain OR you can have a nice glow while still having your skin protected.



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